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Loquat Cough Syrup is an immune building plant-medicine made from a rare fruit, the Loquat. This plant-medicine doesn't mask the symptoms of upper respiratory issues like some medicines do; it goes to the root of the issue with a holistic health approach.


Based on a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recipe more than 2000 years old, this powerful elixir delivers the vitamins, minerals, and essential oils needed to help repair the body and mind, and fight the common cold virus.


Both delicious and therapeutic, Loquat Honey can be added to a cup of Loquat Leaf Tea, or taken as is.


We are presenting facts and information that is available online. 

We are not making any claims or recommendations.

We encourage everyone to do their own research.


  • Loquat cough syrup is an immune strengthening plant medicine. It is a Traditional Chinese Medicine elixir recipe that treats coughs, colds, viruses, and the upper respiratory system. Loquat cough syrup can be taken for prevention and treatment.

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