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Loquat Leaf Tea is an immune building therapeutic plant-medicine made from Loquat leaves, red hibiscus blossom, tangerine peel, and peppermint.


Loquat Leaf Tea has been used in eastern medicine for thousands of years and is making its comeback right when We need it most. Our Loquat Leaf Tea is based on a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recipe and brings relief to upper respiratory issues from asthma to the common cold.


Loquat Leaf can also lower cholesterol and blood pressure and help with diabetes.

Delicious with a splash of Loquat Cough Syrup added.


Tin includes loose leaf tea and 10 fillable tea bags.


We are presenting facts and information that is available online. 

We are not making any claims or recommendations.

We encourage everyone to do their own research.


  • A soothing and therapeutic loose leaf tea, combining Loquat Leaf with locally grown and harvested red hibiscus flowers, tangerine peel, and peppermint.

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